Our Create in the Classroom Art Enrichment program is being modified for the 2020/21 school year. 

This year we are excited to provide fun and fantastic art enrichment through monthly Online Art Clubs. 

We are looking to train more art ambassadors to bring art to your community.

5 Reasons to become an Art Ambassador



Schools Need Our Help!

It's no secret, Schools need our help. With budget and staff cuts, schools need ambassadors to advocate for Art in their schools. Our program is a quality experience that is affordable and can be plugged into any school or student based program. 


A Proven Program

For over seven years our Create In The Classroom has been bringing art to the classroom. It is an after school program that focuses on art and creativity. It's equal parts fun + art enrichment. Kids love it, and parents pay for it! Often art is offered on a very limited basis for students in traditional school. Our program offers an extra opportunity to bring out the artist in each child! 


The Perfect Schedule

Chances are you are raising your own kiddos. When you own your own Artsy business, you can plan your schedule and routine around your family. Traditionally our events are weekday and late afternoon, so you don't have to give up evenings and weekends. As a bonus your kids can likely participate right alongside your members.


Working with Kids

Kids are our most loyal customers! If you're a fun and outgoing person and you're bringing art, it's a match made in heaven. Maybe you have already raised your family - this is a great opportunity to create a special time for you and kids!


The Online Space

We are pioneering new uncharted territory! Art is timeless and will outlive any pandemic! Parents will always invest in art enrichment.  Our new online experience includes online and in-person opportunities to help build an authentic relationship between children and their community art ambassador.


By offering a monthly art subscription you can offer consistent monthly content and you'll build an authentic relationship with your students and their families. This is a sample three-tiered membership plan.

Kids need art!

Art matters. Schools need help. We have all the tools to bring the program online. In addition to LIVE canvas paint events, we have weekly digital art bundles to keep your members involved with art all week long.

Below is a sample of our Canvas of the Month. When you are an Artsy Member you have complete access to over 500 painting and project designs in our Gallery. You don't have to create anything!


We have training to help you set up your monthly online art clubs. With correct building, planning and launch strategies you'll build a successful membership plan. This will create repeat, monthly revenue for you. Creating a business you can work right from home. This August we have three weeks of training for all of our members. Join our association and get in on the training!


We are an alliance for the paint party industry. We bring small artsy business owners together to share resources, artwork, marketing and much more to help you build a successful business.